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Expert assistance in challenging times

As a McKenzie Friend I can provide expert assistance on divorce and separation, including child arrangements and finance. 

I specialised in family matters for over 30 years, and promise you discreet, compassionate and expert guidance, at an affordable price.

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Ian has been amazing helping me with regards to my pending divorce. We met up and he was able to give me advice and put me at ease in a nerve racking time. I would not hesitate to contact him for advice and help. 

Anon, Enfield



If you feel that a divorce is the only way forward, I can advise you on whether you have grounds for divorce, help you draft the papers and manage the process through to the final decree.

If you need to go to court, I can help you prepare the documents you'll need and guide you through proceedings.

Separation agreement 

If you don't want a divorce but want to make your separation formal and  set out arrangements for your children and a financial settlement, I can help you prepare a suitable Separation Deed to be agreed with your spouse. 

Finance and property 

If you’re going through a divorce or separation, I can help you make sure your finances and property are looked after.    

I’ll  help you get the answers to the big questions, like what happens to the family home, your pension, business assets or inheritance, and how much maintenance will need to be paid to your children. 

If these matters can be agreed, I can help you get a legally binding agreement (a consent order) with a minimum of delay; if they can't, I’ll advise and  assist you with the paperwork for the court application, and attend the hearings with you. 

I can also recommend financial advisers, mediators, arbitrators and barristers from my extensive network of professional contacts.   

Your children 

Working out what’s best for your children is the hardest part of separation.

You want to protect your children and so many questions need to be  answered:   

  • Who will my children live with?
  • How often will I be able to see them?
  • Can I move with my children to another part of the country?
  • What can I do if I am prevented from seeing my children?
  • Do grandparents have any rights?

I can help you negotiate what’s best for you and your children.  

I can help you to plan a routine so your children can spend quality time with both parents. 

If necessary, I can guide and support you through the court process where the main consideration is firstly the  interests of the child

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